Ki'ikau Printers is a place for both established and emerging creatives! Working for and with the community has been a dream come true. Here we can feature different artists and their medium.

Current Featured Artist: Jorden Prussing


    Name: Jorden Prussing

    Instagram handle: @jordendraws

    Artist Bio: Jorden was born on O’ahu and has been drawing his whole life. He enjoys filling sketchbooks with pencil and ink drawings while also working digitally on his tablet. His work combines elements of fantasy and the beauty of Hawai’i into a unique style.

    How would you describe your art style: My art style is inspired by the illustration techniques of various video games and animated media. Most of my designs have intricate details and diverse color palettes. I focus on creating art how I like it–balanced and detailed without being too busy. My designs should feel like they could exist even if they don’t. I apply my best understanding of real world techniques like perspective and ambient light to purely fantastical designs like dragons made of trees. In general, I like to aim for a blend of realism and awe.  

    Artist Journey: I grew up closely with my grandma Rosalie Prussing, who was a prominent local artist. Watching her paint beautiful landscapes and scenes motivated me to pick up a pencil and draw as well. As I grew older, my love of art grew along with a love of video games, which inspired me to come up with my own fantastical designs.I began to take my art more seriously in college, buying my first digital art tablet while working on building technical skills and expanding my visual library. I hope to continue this creative journey by one day working as a concept artist on a video game or movie.

  • Name of featured print: Bonsai Spam

    Inspiration behind your featured print: Like most locals, I love Spam. I even use a Spam can as pen storage on my desk. One day while practicing trees in my sketchbook, I looked over to that Spam can and an idea popped in my head. From the trees outside my window and the recycled can on my desk, the Bonsai Spam was born. I sketched a dozen designs before I later finished the piece as a fully rendered illustration.

    What are your creative inspirations? My list of inspirations is ever-growing and ever-changing. I’m always looking for new styles and techniques to expand my skills and push myself to improve. Of course, my grandma was a big inspiration as a child and again recently as I work to capture the scenes of Hawai’i in my illustrations. A handful of the other artists that inspire me include Kim Jung Gi, Kuvshinov Ilya, Acky Bright, Rinotuna, and Yusuke Murata. Animated media that influenced me include Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, Marvel & DC Comics, and Arcane.

    Where can we shop your artwork? I currently sell my work at Nohea Gallery, Sunshine Arts Waikiki, and Sunshine Arts Kaneohe. I also post a lot of my personal work on my instagram account!

February Featured Artist: Kawehi Mahi-Roberts

A wahine, Kanaka Maoli with roots in both Hilo and Puna, on Moku O Keawe. Just a wahine wanting to tell the moʻolelo kahiko o Hawaiʻi through modern art.

View "Makahiki O Ka Moʻo"

December Featured Artist: Ewa Mosc

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, I spent my early years in France and studied art theory and art management in Paris. Before moving to Hawaii, I lived in New York for 11 years working in various roles in the art, photography, fashion and design industry. Driven by a desire to live closer to nature, I moved to Hawaii in 2019 and have been inspired by its lifestyle ever since.

View "Surfers' House in Manoa"

November Featured Artist: Rani Leilani

Rani was born in Hawaii and grew up in Australia. Once she finished high school, she moved back to Hawaii for a few years before traveling to Utah where she received her BFA in Illustration at Utah Valley University. After graduating, she worked as an in-house illustrator and designer for companies like "American Crafts", "Polished Play" and "Cricut". Life events played out over the years that followed, prompting her to move back to Hawaii. Since moving back, she has been grateful for the chance to share her art in a bigger way, allowing her to connect with the community out here, both locals and visitors alike.

View "Bloom at your own pace"

August Featured Artist: Danielle Villoria

Dani is an O'ahu-born illustrator with a love for all things botanical. After studying Fine Arts in Boston, she returned home to Hawaii. Now a wife and mama to four dino-loving girls, her inspiration is a constant parade of imaginative adventures. When she's not painting dinosaurs, you'll find her homeschooling and going holoholo with her 'ohana around their island home.

View "Pokeraptor"

July Featured Artist: Sarah Farris

Sarah Farris is an artist deeply connected to her Hawaiian roots. She incorporates her cultural heritage into her work to honor and inspire others. Through her empathic approach to painting, she explores the intersection of science and spirituality, infusing her artwork with energy and capturing the essence of her emotional journey. 

View "Liminality"


Born and raised in Waianae on the leeward side of Oahu, my 'Ohana is a huge part of my life. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and expert fisherman. A young mom at 16, six amazing keiki later, and I wouldn't change a thing. Wild at heart, I love our island home, I paint it like I see it.

View "May Day"


Aloha, meet Stefani, our February featured artist and winner of the Year of the Rabbit Art Contest!

Stefani Truyol is an illustrator and watercolorist born and raised in Colombia, currently based in Honolulu.

​Passionate about the natural world, she is dedicated to connect art and nature in her work. With her work she wants to increase interest and awareness for nature conservation as well as bring a sense of tranquility and happiness to the viewer.

 She works both in traditional methods (watercolor, ink, acrylic, gouache, and charcoal) as well as digitally.


JANUARY FEATURED ARTIST: Esperance Rakotonirina

Aloha, meet Esperance, our first featured artist!