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“Liminality refers to the state of being "in-between" or existing on the threshold between two different conditions, stages, or worlds. It is a concept often used in anthropology, sociology, and psychology to describe transitional or ambiguous phases that occur during rites of passage, cultural or social transformations, or personal growth. Liminal spaces or experiences are characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and the potential for transformation and self-discovery.”  

Often in life, our attention is fixed on the starting point and the destination, overlooking the transformative moments that occur in-between. These moments of growth, the steps taken to bridge the gap from point A to point B, often go unnoticed. Personally, I strive to embrace the present, shifting my focus away from the end goal, and savoring the joys of life. This painting captures the essence of that philosophy, reminding us to cherish the journey rather than solely fixating on the outcome. 

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