What’s the ordering process like?

Please start by sending us an email with your contact information, size, quantity, requested paper type, and any other add-ons or special requests per the title of your print files. You can call us and/or swing by our print studio where you can see all our media options and make sure your files are print-ready. When we receive your order, we will send you an invoice and you can send over the print files. 

How should I send my files?

We can accept files through Sharepoint or Dropbox.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on how to use these services.

Can I bring my own scans/files?

Yes! We can work off your own scans or digital images, as long as their quality and resolution are suitable for printing. Image touch-ups/photoshop work and color matching are $80/hr. 5"x7" printed proofs are $5.

How do I prepare my files for printing?

First, you should confirm your files are sharp and in focus. Make sure to remove dust/sensor dust, dots, specks, blemishes, and anything else that should not appear in the final print. Remember, the larger the print, the more obvious a blemish will be.  

If your image has layers, please be sure to flatten it. Send RGB files in the working space you edit in. We recommend you use Adobe RGB. Please do not send CMYK files. 

What resolution should my files be?

We recommend you send files with a resolution of 200dpi and above.

What file formats do you accept?

While we accept .tif, .jpeg, .psd, .pdf, .png., we recommend .tif, .psd, or .pdf because these file types do not compress the information in the file.  

We can only print RGB, so we ask customers to convert any CMYK color spaces before sending over the final file. 

What are your paper options?

Archival Matte- 230g; matte, smooth finish 

Glossy Photo Paper- 250g; glossy, smooth finish 

Cold Press- 300g; matte, textured finish 

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth- 305g; matte, smooth finish 

Hahnemuhle Bamboo- 290g; matte, slightly textured finish 

Have another specific paper in mind? We can special order papers as well. Or, if you need help finding the perfect option, we can guide you through the options we have! 

Do you do canvas printing?

We do! We’re thrilled to have partnered with another fantastic art printing company to provide you with canvas printing. Lead times are typically 7 to 10 business days but can be up to 2 weeks. 

Canvas: Rolled or stretched in any nominal size from 6"x6" up to 59"x144", stretched canvases can be done with a .75" or 1.5" depth. 

How long does printing take?

Our paper print orders take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days, depending on how busy our shop is. Wholesale orders will take longer and will be quoted accordingly. Canvas print orders may take 7 to 10 business days — it will most likely take longer for orders with higher quantities.

Do you do rush orders?

Yes, for paper prints. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need a rush print order, so that we can do our best to meet your deadline.  

For small print orders, we charge: 

Additional 100% of order total for same-day service. 

Additional 50% of order total for next day service. 

Additional 25% of order total for 2-day service. 

Unfortunately for wholesale orders, rush orders are not possible. We will be able to fulfill the order based on our current workload — we ask that you request the order by a certain deadline so that we can best accommodate your needs.  

For canvas prints, we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but coating drying times may make it harder. Please keep the UV coating time in mind when you place an order.  

When will my order be ready for pick-up?

We will reach you through phone or email when your order is ready! If the order is a shipment, we will contact you to confirm the order before it’s sent out. 

Can I make a replacement or a return?

Yes, if any of the prints are damaged or defective due to materials or a printing error will be replaced at no charge. Please bring back the original prints and we will have replacements ready for you as soon as possible. If you have any replacement requests, please contact us within 48 hours of order pick-up or delivery.

Please note that scanning services are non-refundable.


What are your matting services?

People reach out often about our matting services. Our matting technique typically involves a hinge mount, which is the accepted museum-quality mounting method.  

We use high-quality materials that are acid-free and we carry a stock of standard sizes. We can also create custom matting for your specific needs. 

Standard sizes in stock (white mat with a white core): 

■ 8"x10" mat (5"x7" window size) 

■ 11"x14" mat (8"x10" window size 

■ 16"x20" mat (11"x14" window size) 

■ 12"x12" mat (9"x9" window size) 

What is deckling?

Deckling is a technique where we give prints the appearance of a natural, torn edge. This process is achieved by hand and each piece will have its own unique variation.

Do you provide framing services?

Unfortunately, no. But we can refer you to trusted, local framers!


Paper Prints

This list below is our most common sizes. We can print any size up to 43 in. x 25 ft. Feel free to contact us for an estimate. We provide volume and large print discounts. 

Please see below for our sample pricing for our most common sizes. Note that these prices are subject to change: 

Archival Matte
■ 5"x7"- $2.50
■ 8"x10" - $5.75
■ 11"x14" - $11.00

Cold Press
■ 5"x7" - $3.25
■ 8"x10" - $7.25
■ 11"x14" - $14.00

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
■ 5"x7" - $5.25
■ 8"x10" - $12.00
■11"x14" - $23.50

Hahnemuhle Bamboo
■ 5"x7" - $3.50
■ 8"x10" - $8.00
■ 11"x14"- $15.50

Glossy Photo Paper
■ 5"x7" - $2.50
■ 8"x10" - $5.75
■ 11"x14" - $11.00

Canvas, Acrylic, Wood, Metal Printing

Due to the variety of sizing and options, pleasecontact us for pricing.


Here are some of our sample pricings on our most common sizes (subject to change): 

■ Small (8"x10") for 5"x7" print - $4.50
■ Medium (11"x14") for 8"x10" print - $6.50
■ Big (16"x20") for 11"x14" print - $7.50
■ Square (12"x12") for 9"x9" print - $5.50

Contact us for more size and color options. 

Custom Printing: Wholesale

What materials do we print on?

  • Slippers 
  • Acrylic 
  • Aluminum 
  • Brass
  • Wood 

Any flat surface up to 63" wide and 120" long.

What file formats can I upload?

Vector formats are preferred, such as .pdf or .ai, but we will accept .png or .jpg as well. As long as they are decent size/quality.

Can I source my own medium?

Sorry, no not at this time or call us to discuss your project.

What's the turnaround time for my project?

If the medium and file are both ready, then we can turn it around in 24 business hours.