Deckle Edges: Adding Texture and Character to Your Creative Works

Deckle Edges: Adding Texture and Character to Your Creative Works

Let’s talk about the magic of deckle edges. A deckle edge print (compared to a straight edge) is a print with a feathered, irregular border - bringing a touch of uniqueness and originality to your artwork. If you feel the texture with your own fingertips, you’ll understand what makes it so special. It’s a simple way to upgrade an art print into a statement piece!   

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about deckle edges, including: the history, aesthetic differences between deckle vs. straight edges, display options, artistic considerations, and more. 


History of Deckle Edges  

The history of deckle edges is rooted in the early days of papermaking. Back then, paper was made by hand; the rough, uneven edges were produced by default due to the natural process. What began as an accidental quirk eventually became a sought-after feature. To this day, deckle edges are still looked at as a way to add a natural, authentic aesthetic to artwork while honoring the historical roots of handmade papermaking. 


Elevating the Aesthetics 

Fans of the deckle edge appreciate the unique charm and vintage appeal given by the irregular borders. Many people also feel that since no deckle edge looks exactly the same, it creates a sense of uniqueness and originality to art pieces, even if it’s not an original painting. It’s a subtle yet distinctive texture that adds a layer of visual interest.  

While this is true for many art enthusiasts, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone loves the irregularity of deckle edges. For those who are drawn to simplicity, modernity, and clean lines, a straight edge print may be a better fit. 


Enhancing Display Options 

Beyond the visual appeal, art prints with deckle edges also bring a practical advantage with greater versatility in framing options. While standard prints have crisp, uniform edges that typically meet the mat or edge of the frame, the irregularity of deckle edges allow for more diverse styles. Deckle edge prints look great with your typical clean edge frames, while also fitting in with more ornate, vintage frames. Additionally, if you are looking to highlight the edges specifically, you may opt for a float frame to showcase the beautiful, unique textures with plenty of space between the print and the edge of the frame. Whatever your preference, artwork with deckle edges adapts seamlessly to virtually any frame and presentation style.  


What to Consider 

 As mentioned above, deckle edges are not for everyone; that’s why many artists allow their customers to choose whether they want deckle or clean edges on their prints. It also oftentimes depends on the style of artwork provided. For example, in certain contemporary or minimalistic art styles, a straight edge may align better with the intended aesthetic, while deckle edges could enhance a piece with a vintage loose floral composition.  

The beauty of art lies in its diversity, and choices like deckle edges provide an opportunity for artists and collectors to express their individuality and find what resonates most with their personal style.  

At Ki’ikau Printers, we offer custom deckling services that you can add on to any print order for $0.05/perimeter inch. If you would like to learn more about deckle edges or see samples on our variety of paper options, please feel free to call, send us an email, or stop by the studio. We look forward to bringing your deckle edge dreams to life! 


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